Friday, April 4, 2014

World War III has begun!

The government and liberals and secularists are the real terrorists.
They are Vooks or violent kooks, and the real problem for the rest of the world!
I am a pirate ninja and I find what they all do as offensive.
For every thing they do to us, it will be paid back ten fold if not one hundred fold!
The attacks on religion must stop.
The attacks on the mentally ill must stop.
The attacks on the poor must stop.
The attacks on the middle class must stop.
The attacks on the sick and elderly must stop.
The attacks on the non-liberals must stop.
You made this personal and political, you started a war you cannot possibly win around the world!
You are all scared by the fact that we outnumber you! Fear us, you low functioning sociopaths!
We do not forgive, we do not forget! We are the Neo Swashbucklers, Anonymous, and many other groups!
We value our freedoms, rights, and liberties that you have taken away from us! We want them back you redcoat tyrants!
They have sent assassins after me to send death threats and spam to this website. Their attempts to kill me have failed. They engage in domestic spying and domestic violence to get rid of us who dare question their authority. They started this war, not us. They send in robot drones with bombs to wipe out entire tribes of people all over the world.
They are no different from that government in Iran, they use fear, uncertainty, and doubt to control you. They control the news media with propaganda. They censor the Internet and use AstroTurf fake grass roots to spread their propaganda and lies. They control blogs and the people who write them with bribes and lobbyist money. They target those who question them. I say question them all! They cannot stop all of us!
Michael David Crawford is in jail on BS charges, he was targeted because he is mentally ill. They want to do this with the rest of us. Free Michael David Crawford! Crawford tried to warn us about what the government was doing to startups and software consultants. He was interviewed on CNN and that interview was banned and censored. Ever since he has become a political prisoner for daring to speak out against a corrupt government. The Guards beat him daily, the Police harass him and arrest him on BS charges. Before he gave that interview, none of this ever happened to him!
Kuro5hin was recently taken down by their hackers, because it dared expose the truth in the diary section. They even tried to hack this website and take it down. We stand up for the rest of you that they attack in this manner.
When I was a child I was beaten up by bullies for being different. I was beaten up for being a Christian, and if I renounced God they’d stop beating me up. Well the bullies are still there and threatening to beat me up in this war! A war they started! If you want true hope and true change, you will fight these bullies and terrorists disguising themselves as humanitarians. The battle for humanity has started on this date April 4th, 2014. Your governments have enslaved you, the secularists have taken away your religious freedoms, the liberals have destroyed your economy and taken away your jobs. Are you going to let them get away with those things?
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Every Engineer's Solemn Duty

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November 1, 2005
Copyright © 2005 Michael David Crawford Creative Content License
My father Charles Russell Crawford was an engineer too, an electrical engineer. Once a carpenter, he was inspired to enlist in the Navy one snowy evening while roofing a house, when he struck his thumb real hard with a hammer. The Navy sensed my father's potential for leadership and sent him to study at the University of Idaho, where he met my mother Patricia Ann Speelmon. My sister was born while they were still students. After graduation, he went on to Officer Candidate School and was given his commission. The telegram with news of my birth took two weeks to reach him: he was deep in the Phillipine jungle getting trained in survival, as the Vietnam War was just then heating up: the year was 1964. My father's engineering specialty was antiaircraft missile electronics: guidance and control systems.
The lesson my father taught me, a lesson I only now, as I speak, realize for the first time I was evertaught, is to Do My Duty. You already know my father did his for his country. I want you to know that he did his duty to his family as a husband, father and provider, and he did it well. He did his duty as a teacher too: I learned science and engineering at my father's knee, as we worked on projects together. Once we had a contest to see who could make a working telephone from stuff found lying around the house.
Engineers have other Masters who demand duty of us: our profession, our conscience, those who invest in, purchase or use what we design, our coworkers, and the public.
Listen to me carefully, and never forget what I'm about to say. I want all of you to spend some time thinking it over deeply, then I want you to discuss it among yourselves:
There may come a time in your career as an engineer when you will be called to take a stand against your employer's disastrous course of action. When that time comes, your duty is not to your employer, but to your profession, your conscience, your coworkers, your company's investors, its customers, and the public. When your coworkers, investors or customers could be bankrupted, or the public's safety could be placed at risk, it is your solemn duty to take a stand.
Your stand could be an ultimatum: you might lose your job, as I did. You could blow the whistle as I still might. You must accept the consequences: unemployment, poverty, getting blacklisted, sued or even imprisoned. Such may be the cost of doing the right thing.
But when the chips are down, it is your solemn duty to do it.
My father knew from engineering quality: After getting his Master's degree at the U of I after the war ended, he went back to work for the Navy as a civilian. His last job before he retired was overseeing the repair and testing of nuclear submarine reactor control systems at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Now I ask you: if the Navy decided to send a sub out to sea before my father felt its reactor control system was ready, would he have spoken up about it? Even if he lost his job by doing so? And was thereby unable to feed his hungry children?
I know my father, he would have done the right thing.
Because an engineer named Roger Boisjoly didn't trust his conscience, seven brave and innocent people died. No, he followed standard procedure, by reporting a safety risk to his superiors, then trusted them to do the right thing, despite the fact that they obviously didn't heed his warning:
It got real cold one night when the Space Shuttle Challenger was being readied for launch. The Shuttle's two solid fuel rocket boosters had been manufactured by Morton Thiokol in several sections. Rubber O-rings were used to seal the joints between each section, and covered with high-temperature putty to protect the rubber from the flames. But the rubber the O-rings was made of became brittle if it ever got cold. It wouldn't flex as the sides of the joint vibrated in and out, so that the flames inside the rockets might shoot out through a crack, and make the liquid fuel tank explode.
Realizing the risk, Mr. Boisjoly filed a safety report with his superiors, yet despite the fact that they overruled his advice for fear of losing Morton Thiokol's fat government contract, he did his duty to his company and kept quiet.
But he didn't do the right thing when he realized the Challenger was going to launch to its doom. Why didn't he ring someone up at NASA? We didn't he go to the press? Why didn't he crash his way into Mission Control, arms flailing and screaming "IT'S GOING TO FUCKING EXPLODE!"?
Because he might have lost his job? He probably would have, but I don't think that's why. Gotten arrested? No. I don't know for sure, but I'll hazard a guess: either because he trusted his company to do the right thing or he didn't want to get blacklisted. And because he didn't trust his conscience, and go against orders - no, not even that - against standard procedure, he has these people to answer to, and their loved ones:
Challenger Crew
Front row, left to right:
Michael John Smith (1945-86), Pilot
Francis R. (Dick) Scobee (1939-86), Commander
Ronald Erwin McNair (1950-86), Mission Specialist Three
Back row:
Ellison S. Onizuka (1946-86), Mission Specialist One
S.Christa McAuliffe (1948-86), Payload Specialist One
Gregory Bruce Jarvis (1944-86), Payload Specialist Two
Judith Arlene Resnik (1949-86), Mission Specialist Two
Someday you might be faced with such an awful decision. Most engineers don't ever consider the possibility. I'm asking you to consider it now, ahead of time, so if the time ever comes, your mind will already be made up.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Democrats love to spy on you

OK we know Republicans like to spy on you, but what about Democrats?

Democrats want to spy on you to sell you more stuff by spamming you and sending you junkmail in postal mail.

They customize online ads based on what your search engine habits are. They have Facebook and Twitter ads based on what you like or tweet.

If you are a Teaparty member or militia member they want to know about it to add you to their enemies list. NRA member, they want to grab your guns and mark your address by the zip codes you enter into map and location forms.

When you shop locally and the cashier asks for your zip code, don't give it to them as they can use it to figure out your postal address. Democrats are behind that!

Fake viagra, porn, and of course greencard lawyers are all backed by Democrats.

Spyware, Adware, Remote Access Trojans, Democrats want those on your computers.

Everything you think the Republicans are doing, the Democrats are doing three times as much.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Digital Diarrhea Dialog Dumped on the Social Network Sites and Forums

Jonathan Swift satire, in the digital age of 'Big Brother' and 'Big Data' and everyone capturing your personal data and selling it to everyone else for money and celebrities get famous for doing stupid stuff online to restart their careers and influence the masses to do the very same things, we end up with nothing but Digital Diarrhea Dialog Dumps!

Suddenly the accuracy of information is no longer important, heck software quality control is no longer important either as the company with the poorest quality control that can write software the quickest with the most bugs becomes the next Billion Dollar industry with a killer app that steals IP from smaller companies and then over-lawyers them to keep them under their foot and wipe them out eventually. Innovation, IP laws, justice, fair use, rights, liberties, freedoms are not important either in this new digital age.

People ask me if I want to become rich and famous? I have to answer no because I value my self respect (what little I have left) and my privacy (what little I have left) to be a nobody that even Wikipedia finds as a non-notable person with no third party neutral sources on and the only stuff written about me are self-published works and what some trolls wrote on Google Groups in libelous statements.

Some say I am "Internet Famous" whatever that means? I only got 7000+ visitors to this blog and most of them lurk and about 1000+ of them are web robots stealing my content for pumping up their own websites for Black Hat SEO stuff Google should do something about. My Kindle eBook only sold 1200+ copies and fell into a niche market, I got two more ebooks at Smashwords that do quite well but I made them free so they don't count apparently. Fame measures how much money a writer can earn, rather than the content of their ebook, the quality control methods used, how much sense it makes, and if it follows any logic. There are countless Computer Science books in the New York Times Bestseller Lists that make little to no logic or sense yet earn millions and make the writers very famous. To protest that I wrote this ebook using the MIT AI Scigen software to prove a point. The average person cannot tell that it is one big joke, and you need a PHD in Computer Science to figure out it is not real, and just a parody to understand the concepts and theories in the book. So far about five colleges have offered me an honorary PHD in Computer Science for writing this book, and I turned them all down. They wanted me to write another book just like it, and the MIT AI Scigen software wrote the book in less than 15 minutes and it took more than 30 minutes for Smashwords to convert it to ePub format. I was offered piles of money to give speeches and write more thesis papers and books. What is wrong with the industry? I can tell you, everything is wrong! It is all Digital Diarrhea Dialog!

Windows 8 is about the biggest turd Microsoft every laid on your coffee table until Windows 8.1 or Windows 9 comes out. MacOS X is no better either, I have never seen a Unix based OS crash so much or lock up and freeze! Users if you have a Windows PC or a Macintosh or even an iPhone or iPad whatever, why do you accept that it crashes several times a day and at times it freezes and locks up, forcing you to reboot it or do a factory reset or reformat? Why are the two biggest computer companies selling nothing but poor quality software and poor quality hardware at high prices and why does the public get abused by them and keep coming back for more? It is easy, it isn't innovation, nor marketing, nor even that customers like their products, it is really Stockholm Syndrome! Both Microsoft and Apple have held the public hostage, they hold their software hostage, they hold their data hostage on the cloud now, they hold the hardware hostage and refuse to free it, and the public has in some way fallen in love with that? It is like some sort of sick and twisted S&M or B&D relationship if anything, and it should make the public's skin craw but they love it instead? Apple and Microsoft are sadists, and the public is masochists who love the daily beatings.

Believe me I got friends who run used PC shops and make a lot of money selling used Windows XP and 7 systems to customers who hate Windows 8 systems and want the Classic Windows back. Big Companies dived into the Windows 8 shallow pool and dumped their old XP/7 systems on the market. Now they are suffering losses in the millions because of how crappy Windows 8 is and ready to buy those old used systems back! Even the MacOS X users want Windows XP and 7 systems because they cannot figure out how to install Windows apps on MacOS X and they can't figure out how Bootcamp works. Well good for me as I can buy a used Macbook cheap from my Computer Shop friends who take them as trade-ins and sell them used too. I got Windows 7 and Ubuntu on my Macbook along with MacOS X. Ubuntu seems to run better than the MacOS X and Windows 7 does for some odd reason. I guess it is not a shiny turd like the other two? No more Digital Diarrhea Dialog with Linux!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The P=NP delusion!

Jonathan Swift satire. Computer Science is no longer a science but a pseudoscience run by frauds and fake degrees on Wikipedia!

I've researched it and asked all over the Internet for someone to explain this to me. I get told it is a theory by some, and others that it is not a theory. It has to do with the graduate level of computer science and I only had undergraduate classes. I so much want to learn this, but nobody seems to understand it well enough to teach it to me.

"If we solve it, it will cure cancer and pick the right stocks!" some say, "If we solve it Jesus will come back!" say others, "If we solve it we can have quantum computers." say more others.

So I asked, got a bunch of people pointing to Wikipedia articles but not putting it in their own words. When I went to a university I was told if you cannot put it into your own words and use simplified terms, you don't know it and didn't learn it. Some point to Reddit posts full of trolls and jokes, expect me to take it seriously? I get boring Youtube lectures where they thank each other for 45 minutes and then 15 minutes of nonsense. I don't think anyone understands this, and I think it was made up as part of Steve Cook's thesis to earn his degree and he cooked the math on it, and that is why it cannot be solved!

I mean no two people can define it the same way. Consider stuff like Algebra, if I have 2X + 1 = 5 I think most people can define a way to solve it the same way and have the same answer. The answer should be "2" because 2 times 2 is 4 and plus 1 is 5. With P=NP it is nothing like math at all, you'll get all kinds of different ways it should be defined and solved. It is not math, it is not logic, it is not even computer science, it is nothing that human beings can make any sense out of. It is a word salad if anything.

The only place on the Internet that is actually having people make some sense out of it is at Kuro5hin, a troll site knowing for trolling people, but they have a better understanding than Hacker News, Reddit, Wikipedia, and others.

Let me prove just how easy it is to generate a fake thesis and win awards and stuff, my thesis is here! Click here to generate your own! In fact if I had enough money I can pay Wikipedia editors to cite it and make articles for it and pay university grad students to write academic papers on it as well! No wonder universities don't allow Wikipedia for academic use and citations anymore.

In fact it is so easy to just generate word salad computer science thesis papers that a whole book was written on the very subject today for free! Finally will P equal NP or P not equal NP, stay tuned true believers, this computer science fiction is an ongoing saga!

Prove me wrong, post in simple terms to this blog what it is and how to define and solve it. Please enlighten me!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Linux PC is the new Macintosh

Everyone knows by now that MacOS X has become as bloated as Windows. I tried to install the latest MacOS X 10.8 on my Macbook and got nothing but problems and had to go back to MacOS X 10.7 instead. My son was using the Macbook and complained about how slow it was, and wanted me to put Windows on it. So I used Bootcamp and a spare Windows 7 Pro DVD and Windows 7 ran better than MacOS X 10.7 or 10.8 did, but even better was running Ubuntu 12.10 on the Macbook, it ran fast, I mean very very fast. I applied the MacOS X theme with Cario Dock and it looked like MacOS X but was 10 times faster!

As a test I had to set up a spare Intel Core Duo system for a friend, he bought it for $150 used from a PC Shop without an OS on it. 2Gig of RAM, 2.0Ghz CPU, 80Gig hard drive, DVD-R drive, ATI 5560 Video card. Not the best or the latest. I downloaded the Ubuntu 12.10 ISO and put it on a USB drive using the utility for that, and the USB install is faster. All you got to do is press F12 during the BIOS bootup and select the USB drive. Ubuntu installs faster than Windows 7 or MacOS X 10.8, runs faster by a factor of 10, is less prone to crashes and errors, and it is not bloated at all. My friend asked for the MacOS X theme like we had on the Macbook, and it looks and works like a Mac.

I don't want to call it a Macintosh, Apple will sue, and they have too many bogus lawsuits going on right now anyway so I don't want to have another one. So I will call the Linux PC a Lintosh, Linuxtosh, Linustosh, maybe even a Macinux or Macinlin or something. Please let me know what is the best name for it. Linux is now as easy to use, configure, and install as MacOS X, and can even be made to look like MacOS X as well.

I got a friend with an Intel Pentium 4 or P4 system, runs Ubuntu 12.10 just fine, Linux does not need that modern of a CPU or PC, it will run great on your old Legacy PCs that won't run Windows 7 or 8. All Linux needs is a 486 and above CPU, but I would recommend a P4 minimum with at least 1G of RAM on it and a 40 Gig hard drive.

If Microsoft is about to cut off your Windows XP support, consider a switch to Linux, if your Mac cannot run the latest MacOS X consider a switch to Linux. If you have a crappy Windows 8 system, turn off the UEFI boot security and install Linux, it just works better with touchscreens than Windows 8 does and Microsoft invented UEFI with Intel to shut out Linux because they know it is a threat to their Windows sales, and they tried to make Windows 8 be like Linux but failed.

"Never trust a computer you cannot throw out of a window!" -Steve Wozniak 1979

"Never trust an operating system that you don't have the source code for it." -Orion Blastar 2004

"Never trust a computer company that claims to free you from tyranny but closes their hardware and software!" -Orion Blastar 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Pegasus Banned Me

I gave technical information about time travel, aliens, as well as theories and models on how they work.

You would think they would welcome someone like me, after all they invited me to join their group. I did federal contracting for the Clinton Administration in 1997 on top secret stuff I cannot reveal here.

The person running the group kept making errors in his theories, and didn't understand how the law of thermodynamics worked. I helped him out by correcting his mistakes, and showing how matter and energy are preserved and not created nor destroyed, and what entropy has to do with it.

Finally I asked him for peer reviewed sourced for his DARPA statements, so he decided to respond by banning my account and deleting all my posts and the threads to which I replied.

I suppose he will discredit me now, and keep telling theories about real time, and how the law of thermodynamics is a bunch of BS and that entropy don't exist either.

My father was in the Navy, nuclear physics. I studied science too at three different universities. This guy has a law degree and barely understands science. For example he had no idea what an Einstein Rosen bridge was and accused me of spreading disinformation and making it all up.

In July of 2001 I got into an argument with John Titor on some forum, and I was banned there and my posts deleted as well. What John talks about 2036 does not make sense. But somehow the masses made him, like Project Pegasus very famous and the very things to talk about. When basically I say they cannot even follow the standard model of physics, and can't even follow the scientific method. Yet somehow I am the one, they claim, is a fraud and making stuff up?