Sunday, May 26, 2013

Digital Diarrhea Dialog Dumped on the Social Network Sites and Forums

Jonathan Swift satire, in the digital age of 'Big Brother' and 'Big Data' and everyone capturing your personal data and selling it to everyone else for money and celebrities get famous for doing stupid stuff online to restart their careers and influence the masses to do the very same things, we end up with nothing but Digital Diarrhea Dialog Dumps!

Suddenly the accuracy of information is no longer important, heck software quality control is no longer important either as the company with the poorest quality control that can write software the quickest with the most bugs becomes the next Billion Dollar industry with a killer app that steals IP from smaller companies and then over-lawyers them to keep them under their foot and wipe them out eventually. Innovation, IP laws, justice, fair use, rights, liberties, freedoms are not important either in this new digital age.

People ask me if I want to become rich and famous? I have to answer no because I value my self respect (what little I have left) and my privacy (what little I have left) to be a nobody that even Wikipedia finds as a non-notable person with no third party neutral sources on and the only stuff written about me are self-published works and what some trolls wrote on Google Groups in libelous statements.

Some say I am "Internet Famous" whatever that means? I only got 7000+ visitors to this blog and most of them lurk and about 1000+ of them are web robots stealing my content for pumping up their own websites for Black Hat SEO stuff Google should do something about. My Kindle eBook only sold 1200+ copies and fell into a niche market, I got two more ebooks at Smashwords that do quite well but I made them free so they don't count apparently. Fame measures how much money a writer can earn, rather than the content of their ebook, the quality control methods used, how much sense it makes, and if it follows any logic. There are countless Computer Science books in the New York Times Bestseller Lists that make little to no logic or sense yet earn millions and make the writers very famous. To protest that I wrote this ebook using the MIT AI Scigen software to prove a point. The average person cannot tell that it is one big joke, and you need a PHD in Computer Science to figure out it is not real, and just a parody to understand the concepts and theories in the book. So far about five colleges have offered me an honorary PHD in Computer Science for writing this book, and I turned them all down. They wanted me to write another book just like it, and the MIT AI Scigen software wrote the book in less than 15 minutes and it took more than 30 minutes for Smashwords to convert it to ePub format. I was offered piles of money to give speeches and write more thesis papers and books. What is wrong with the industry? I can tell you, everything is wrong! It is all Digital Diarrhea Dialog!

Windows 8 is about the biggest turd Microsoft every laid on your coffee table until Windows 8.1 or Windows 9 comes out. MacOS X is no better either, I have never seen a Unix based OS crash so much or lock up and freeze! Users if you have a Windows PC or a Macintosh or even an iPhone or iPad whatever, why do you accept that it crashes several times a day and at times it freezes and locks up, forcing you to reboot it or do a factory reset or reformat? Why are the two biggest computer companies selling nothing but poor quality software and poor quality hardware at high prices and why does the public get abused by them and keep coming back for more? It is easy, it isn't innovation, nor marketing, nor even that customers like their products, it is really Stockholm Syndrome! Both Microsoft and Apple have held the public hostage, they hold their software hostage, they hold their data hostage on the cloud now, they hold the hardware hostage and refuse to free it, and the public has in some way fallen in love with that? It is like some sort of sick and twisted S&M or B&D relationship if anything, and it should make the public's skin craw but they love it instead? Apple and Microsoft are sadists, and the public is masochists who love the daily beatings.

Believe me I got friends who run used PC shops and make a lot of money selling used Windows XP and 7 systems to customers who hate Windows 8 systems and want the Classic Windows back. Big Companies dived into the Windows 8 shallow pool and dumped their old XP/7 systems on the market. Now they are suffering losses in the millions because of how crappy Windows 8 is and ready to buy those old used systems back! Even the MacOS X users want Windows XP and 7 systems because they cannot figure out how to install Windows apps on MacOS X and they can't figure out how Bootcamp works. Well good for me as I can buy a used Macbook cheap from my Computer Shop friends who take them as trade-ins and sell them used too. I got Windows 7 and Ubuntu on my Macbook along with MacOS X. Ubuntu seems to run better than the MacOS X and Windows 7 does for some odd reason. I guess it is not a shiny turd like the other two? No more Digital Diarrhea Dialog with Linux!

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