Monday, February 25, 2013

Why Six Strikes and you are Out is a miserable failure

First off let me state that neither I nor Crawford nor any other person or organization condone piracy. We strongly suggest free and open source alternatives to would be pirates. This article is about how these current laws are miserable failures and do more harm than good, violate the US Constitution, and of course should not have been passed in the first place. When it reaches The Supreme Court, hilarity will ensue!

Look, if you want to crack down on piracy on the Internet, this six strikes system is not the way to do it. I cannot seriously believe that someone with an IQ higher than a grapefruit thinks this can be a 'good idea' and it was most likely thought up by the illegal drug addled brain-damaged minds of the MAFIAA at the MPAA/RIAA etc. The very same people who think that suing your fans is the best way to earn money.

There is a thing called a Dynamic IP that most broadband users use, yes the IP address constantly changes on one modem or router from one to another. For example if your Grandmother on her Macbook has her modem get the IP address of some teenager using Window Vista and Kazaa Lite to download movies and music and then the connection reset so your Grandmother got that same IP address. She will get a strike on her record and be labeled a pirate, even if she doesn't run Windows and Kazaa cannot work on a Mac. She has no idea how to pirate stuff, but this happens five more times, and then of course she has to take a class on copyrights or be refused Internet service.

No trial, no judge, you are automatically guilty and no appeals. Did I mention they can cap your bandwidth to dial-up speeds without a trial as well? I think this violates the US Constitution and "Due Process", not that the MAFIAA cares about rights, freedoms, and liberties unless it is theirs and they can turn a profit on it somehow. Not that the politicians who passed these laws cared about the US Constitution or your rights, freedoms, and liberties, after all the MAFIAA gave them a lot of money in Congress to vote for these laws and even lobbied the White House to sign off on it. Make no mistake is is a real assault on your freedoms, rights, and liberties, you are being sodomized so to speak and not even understanding that it is happening. As Kuro5hin would say, it is all a bunch of horsecock, and you should most likely call your critter in Congress over it and tell them to 'fix it' or you'll vote them out of office. It seems both Democrats and Republicans agree to take away your rights, liberties, and freedoms this way. There are also Internet censorship parts, taking away your privacy and anonymity as well. I mean this is a start of locking down the Internet, next they'll be putting up paywalls in parts, and seizing web servers in other parts, and also blocking traffic to certain IP addresses as well as a lot of other crazy stuff you wouldn't approve of.

Not only that but real pirates hide their IP addresses, they use VPNs, Proxy Servers, Tor/Onion servers and software, SOCKS4/5, IP Spoofing, etc and so Deputy Dog monitoring IP addresses on P2P Filesharing networks won't find their real IP addresses but the fake IP addresses. This means trouble for these services as they will get piracy notices.

Oh yeah did I mention that public libraries and Wifi hotspots will get takedown and copyright violation notices for their users who pirate files? What are you going to do to your customers when they pirate files on your Internet connection and it gets shut down and you get six strikes and then you cannot even process credit card transactions (Square for iPhone, ect?) or they are now dial-up slow and you have to take a copyright class to get it back to normal? What if, shudder, your employees are doing this and your corporate high speed Internet connection that you depend on for business is shut down or dial-up slow?

Wait wait it gets better what if FBI employees and contractors are pirating files? What if Movie Studio Employees are Pirating Files? Will their Internet suffer Six Strikes and you are out as well? Hot Stove Rules my friend, if others get burned, you have to get burned for doing the exact some things. If not then it is an unjust and unfair law.

Let me be frank and honest most songs and TV shows and movies are 100% pure crap and a compete and total waste of time. There are a few exceptions, but because they are crap is the real reason why the MPAA and RIAA etc lose their revenues. The best thing that can happen to them is some Internet Pirate finds their media entertaining enough to download and share with friends so it becomes more popular and thus it sells more as a result. This happened to Metallica at one time, and it can happen for anyone. Suing your fans is the best way to get negative PR and be seen a douchebags.

Even worse the media has DRM, Rootkits, Spyware, Adware in it, and generally gives 'fans' a difficult time in using, much less keeping 'legal viruses' off of their computers all in order to use the media files. DRM stands for digital rights management and it is not the customer's rights but the corporate rights to earn more profits that are managed. A person cannot 'legally' own any media file or media anymore, they only buy a 'licence' to use it that can be revoked at any time for even no reason at all. So let's say you paid $35 for that new Hollywood Blockbuster movie, and the player for it installed a Rootkit and Spyware to make sure you aren't a pirate or something, and your system runs slower as a result.

You watched the movie a few times, trying to get a clue to enjoy it better, but some corporate executive decides to pull the movie so it can be sold in a different format or maybe part of an online movie streaming subscription service, so they pull all the rights to 'watch' the movie to people who paid for it legally and downloaded it. OK now your movie media file was deleted, and they won't issue a refund. Meanwhile your 'pirate' friends who used a VPN are watching it over and over again with no Rootkit, DRM, Spyware, and enjoying themselves. But hey, a new web service called MPAAViewpass(TM) is offering you the movie on a $60/month subscription basis to their web site for full access to a limited amount of movies that are no longer available to you by any other means. Now do you pay the $60/month subscription or not? Why or why not?

Oh yeah Six Strikes, how is it enforced? Do the Copyright Police knock on your door, enter without a search warrant and then check every electronic device in your house for a violation? Is it some help desk worker in a third world nation that is paid $100USD/month to set your ISP status to 'pirate' because some reporting agency found an IP address that matched one you might have used but it might have just been someone who used it before you and of course they search by name and might have typed it wrong or found you as the same name as someone else, and then you are shut off or dial-up speeds and have to go to a class on copyright law? What is this class anyway? The 1980's "Don't copy that floppy" on BetaMax tape that you sit through and then sign a paper that states "I'm a dirty rotten Internet Pirate, and I promise not to steal copyrighted works ever again!" Do you go to a local community college and sit through a boring lecture by a professor or teacher's assistant who has to sign off on a paper that you learned your lesson? Is it some MAFIAA controlled propaganda consulting company who tries to brainwash you into their agenda? Are you arrested by "The Thought Police" and put into a "Room 101" with your face in a rat cage and either you fink on your girlfriend or the rat chews off your face? This degree or certification or whatever, is it like traffic school but run by security guards with a movie projector?

Nobody in the MAFIAA thought this through did they? It is a major failure, I've heard of people already getting notifications and ignoring them like a traffic ticket or something. Getting more than six, and laughing about it. I heard of others changing their ISP to one that does not participate in the Six Strikes program, so it sounds to me like it will just drive customers away from the ISPs who use it, to neutral third party ISPs who don't use it. Once the big bandwidth companies learn about that, they will drop the Six Strikes program to get their customer base back.

Edit: Confused, have questions, look here on Reddit for more info.

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